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The Body Corporate Management services on offer are:

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We are able to provide you with the best of what technology has to offer in Body Corporate and Community Management.

-Cloud-based Strata Management Software (MyStrata).
-A dedicated website for your Body Corporate.
-An integrated banking platform provided by Macquarie Bank.
-Online Owners Portal.
-Electronic voting for your Committee and Owners.
-Proprietary Invoice Approval System.
-A Document Management System.
-Data Encryption and 128 Bit SSL Secure Socket Connection for privacy & safekeeping of documentation.


We have you covered when it comes to providing insurance services for your Body Corporate. 
We are authorised representatives of Whitbread & Resolute Insurance Brokers. As your insurance representatives we provide the following services at no additional cost to the Body Corporate;

-Going to market for quotes.
-Insurance Renewal process.
-Claims Management.
-Continual follow up until claim is closed.



Once we register the Body Corporate we will carry out the following meetings on your behalf;

-Committee Meetings.
-Annual General Meetings.
-Extraordinary General Meetings.

These meetings are not only run in a timely & professional manner, but like all that we do, relationship building is key to running our meetings.

We believe that Agendas & Minutes need to be easy to read, articulate and able to recall the important aspects of any decisions made.


We believe that an organisation's financial information should be secure, transparent and accurate - and that is how we manage your financial information.
The MyStrata system allows your Committee (or whomever you choose) to view up to date financial information, including bank account figures, general ledger entries, invoices and more, whenever you want. You will not need to wait several days to get that information from your BCM any longer.

-Creditor payments.
-Payment authorisations.
-A Macquarie Bank Account.
-Individual DEFT, BPAY & AUST POST Billing.
-Maintenance of statements of income and expenditure.
-Issuing of levies.
-Industry-leading Levy and payment arrears monitoring and follow up.


We understand that communicating well is an important part of building a community. Hence, we offer a fixed fee for most of the printing, postage and outlays your community will need.

This includes the following;
-Fax (if still used).
Your community doesn't need to keep 'guessing' how much they are going to be charged for 'disbursements' by the end of the year - with The Community Co you will know up front, with our full fixed fee pricing.


We understand the correct way a Body Corporate is to deal with disputes and by-law contraventions.
This understanding comes from an extensive knowledge of the Legislation and years of experience.

We will provide the following dispute resolution services;

-Holding conciliation meetings.
-Issuing contravention notices.
-Issuing a final contravention notice.
Lodging an urgent application to the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate & Community Management.



We will be available to give general advice related to Strata Title Structures and liaise with your team of Solicitors, Planners, Certifiers and Engineers to achieve your desired outcomes.

REPORTING We can assist you with obtaining a Sinking Fund Report, Insurance Valuation & Asset Register, as well as provide a guide of what documents are to be handed over to the Body Corporate at the first Annual General Meeting after establishment.


Once we become familiar with your Development Proposal we can assist you in producing an Administration and Sinking Fund budget that forms part of your disclosure documents for any Lots you wish to sell.


The cost of enagaging us for the above work - $0.00, as long as we enter into a 3 year Body Corporate Management contract with the Body Corporate.


When you are ready to register the Body Corporate we will carry out the following on your behalf; -Obtain Common Seal. -Australian Business Number registration. -Tax File Number Registration. -Convene first EGM to establish the Body Corporate.

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