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-We Are Here-



The Community Co is driven by the pursuit of making people’s lives better.

This is why we do what we do – with the belief in your ability to build a lasting community

We just happen to be Body Corporate Managers.



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We are The Community Co. Join our community and let us take your Body Corporate into the future of Community Management.

We believe in the power of community



-We Are-


Pedzi is in the driver’s seat and runs the day to day operation of the business.

His passion is helping communities grow through building relationships, by having real and meaningful engagements with his clients.

Pedzi believes he must continuously expose himself to the best things humans have done and bring them into what he is doing to be a protagonist in the future of Body Corporate Management.

He has spent the last 10 years dealing face to face with customers, 5 of those in the Body Corporate or Strata industry as a Body Corporate Manager working in Queensland and Victoria.

Pedzi has completed two degrees from Griffith University in 2009, a Bachelor of International Business and Commerce with a double major in Human Resource Management and International Marketing.

To further his learning in the property industry, Pedzi has also completed a Certificate IV in Property Services and Operations.

You will always see him smiling unless the world is coming to an end.

“People are smart, they can see through what is real and what is not, that is why you will never hear me say statements  like ‘we provide quality customer service’ or ‘we are unrivalled in the market place’… I will let you decide what you think about us.”

Pedzi Mawande

Visionary / Managing Director

George has 21 years experience in Leadership, 15 of those years have been at a Senior Executive level.

He is a sought after Leadership & Culture Strategist and International Speaker.

George has run teams of various sizes and managed differing size staff.

Notably, George has successfully led teams of volunteers, for over a decade, that worked together to achieve a shared vision. Unlike leading paid staff, the success of the volunteer teams hinged on his ability to cast vision, implement strategy, activate skill sets and create and maintain the desired culture – these were the exact ingredients that kept the teams together and made them successful.

George has a Bachelor of Economics, majoring in Corporate Law and Accounting from the University of Sydney.

He is passionate about and brings the following strengths to the team:

– Excellent strategic skills and implementation.

– The ability to activate others to achieve a common goal and vision.

– Create a desired organisational culture that reflects the values/purpose of the business.

– Solution orientated ideation skills that effectively remedy complex issues.

You will always find him with people, unless there’s food around – then you’ll find him with people and food.

George Salloum

Strategist / Executive Director

If you have questions about the Body Corporate industry or want to know how we can help you with Body Corporate Management.

Give us a call (13 000 MY BCM) or send a message by email. We love meeting face to face as well, so if you have the time, coffee is on us.

We are more interested in you



-We Do-

The Body Corporate Management services on offer are:

“Instead of reading 798 words, take 3 minutes to watch the ‘What We Do’ video below”.

                                                                                       You’re Welcome, from George & Pedzi



We are Body Corporate Managers that create opportunities for people to build lasting communities by advocating

sustainable decision making , modern and simpler information management, education and good corporate governance.



Communicating with your community and the rest of society as a Body Corporate is very important, so why not do it right? We will manage all correspondence on behalf of the Body Corporate, get the appropriate correspondence to Committee members, owners and residents of the Community.

We believe that good communication helps a community grow, (which is why we want to make it as easy as possible) so why would we want to make that difficult.

We know you want to be heard, get a response and receive concise information when it counts so come aboard.


Meeting Management

We Collaborate, We Include, We know your time is precious.

We have been to more than 650+ Body Corporate meetings so we are confident that we can manage your Committee, Voting Outside of Committee, Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting process in accordance with the Body Corporate legislation.

You will also have access to our cloud-based electronic voting system for your Committees and owners, “Who said paper is the only way”?


Financial Management

If you are the type of person who believes your Financial information should be secure, transparent and accurate then we have the service for you.

Our Accounting service is prepared to service the full spectrum of Body Corporate structures.

We will maintain your Body Corporate bank accounts, administration and sinking funds, investments, levies, debtors and creditor payments

Using the software platform offered by Macquarie Bank, a strata industry banking leader, and utilising Mystrata, our banking systems are fully integrated and designed with Macquarie specifically for Body Corporate Management.

This is why we can offer transparent Financials and give each Body Corporate member the ability to view their financial position and history, make levy payments online using a secure web portal and give the Committee members access to a variety of Financial reports.

Keeping your records and Financial information safe in this digital age is of paramount importance, that is why they are kept in a system that conducts user authentication over a  2048 bit encryption, with information transmitted using a 256 bit SSL encryption. In other words, the ‘Tech’ we use is highly secure.


Consultancy Services

We are here for you if you need general advice or want us to help you improve your community, give us a call on 13 000 MY BCM or email us at mail@thecommunityco.com.au

Setting up a new property development, need help with the structure, budgets or creating of a Body Corporate? Talk to us and understand how we can help bring your vision to life.


Document Management

There is a better way to store your records, why not make them accessible on any mobile or computer device from any location in the world using our cloud-based MyCommunity web portal.

We will help your community move into the 21st Century with the latest cloud based document management system for your Body Corporates documents. Forget paying for archive costs, your information can be stored digitally and readily available so you don’t have to wait 2 weeks for a document that was archived in a warehouse.

Don’t get us wrong, we can keep your records in archives, but we want to give you the power of choice.


Legislative Compliance

We are your bridge over the chasm of legislative compliance.

We don’t expect you to specialise in the Queensland Body Corporate And Community Management Act 1997, Victorian Owners Corporation Act 2006 and New South Wales Strata Management Schemes Act 1996, just to name few.

That’s our job, (and we do it well) so let us help you navigate the hundreds of pages of legislation and keep your Body Corporate compliant.


24 HR Property Management

(1300 CC DESK)

We are committed to your investment.  Managing your property is in our best interest because the better its managed the easier your life becomes and the better our reputation. Win-Win!

We know that “home is where the heart is”so when there is an issue with your property we will be waiting on the other side of the phone or to give a hand.


Disclosures and Searches

We have you covered if you need one of the following;

  • Information certificates
  • Body Corporate records
  • Disclosure statements, or if you just want to
  • Carry out a search of the Body Corporate records yourself.

Go to Client Services to fill out a form


Programmed Maintenance and Contract Management

Keeping track of maintenance tasks and contracts can be challenging.

The Community Co. has the answer. We provide a simple yet powerful iOS, ANDROID, PC and MAC based productivity tool for Building Managers and Committee Members to collaborate, see and manage the Common Property’s programmed maintenance tasks.

This tool also keeps track of contracts the Body Corporate has entered into with service providers and reminds the Body Corporate when the contacts are due for review or renewal.


Dispute Resolution Services

“Before anything, let’s have a conversation”  Most times common sense and the good-natured Australian way can prevail.

We help our communities with resolving disputes by understanding the Communities bylaws and framework of the body corporate legislation when dealing with disputes through Discussion, Contravention, Conciliation, and Adjudication through the Commissioner’s office.

Community starts with you, so let’s work together.


Insurance Management

You want someone on your side who you can trust, someone that is going to be reliable and consistent.

When it comes to managing your Body Corporate insurance from claims to renewals, we have you covered. We are certified representatives of  Whitbread Insurance Brokers, one of the largest insurance organisations in the Body Corporate industry so our umbrella is pretty big.

We want someone on our side as well so while keeping you covered we have our own Professional Indemnity business insurance policy through Chubb Insurance Company of Australia designed specifically for the Strata industry.

Go to Client Services to fill out an insurance claim

A Community is stronger




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